Admin API For Client SSL certificates

With 3.8.0. release, we added new SSL certificate generators web API which is available through web admin console session. It is not easy to generate a lot of SSL client certificates if there are a lot of workstations. For this, SSL Web API might come in handy.

After login,  open browser console and use SSL API to generate and download SSL certificates. An Example is shown below.

Make sure that base certificate properties are set.

var json = {
  friendlyName : 'John Doe', 
  type:2,                          // client certificate
  expire:10,                       // unit of expiration
  expireType:3,                    // 0 - hour, 1 - day, 2 - month, 3 - year

io.greenscreens.Certificate.generateClient(json, (req, data, sts)=>{
  if (sts) {
    // convert to int array and download as binary
    var arr = Tn5250.Binary.fromHex(req.msg);
    var raw = new Uint8Array(arr);, raw);
  } else {