Advanced HLL - Node.JS

This time we will show how to use very popular Node.JS to integrate with Green Screens Native Terminal.

Node.JS is very powerful server side JavaScript engine based on WebKit runtime. Many big companies are using Node.JS to run their main sites and online services, but Node.JS can be used as a scripting engine inside OS also.

In Linux for example we can create JavaScript code to be executed as a bash script. Having this in mind, we can easily create JavaScript based OS level utilities. Executing JavaScript file in Linux console will work the same way as executing any bash shell script.

Why ?

  • With Node.JS it is very easy to create WebSocket client
  • There is no need for any other dependencies
  • Code can be reused in browser also
  • It is JavaScript the most common scripting language
  • It is very fast

There is more...

When running Green Screens Native terminal STRRMTCMD is supported to run external programs, thus we can execute Node.JS or JavaScript code as a bash script. Such code can easily communicate with connected terminal.

It is very easy to develop and test your code as there is no need for recompilation and complex testing.

For example, it is possible to save responses and to simulate terminal responses for unit testing.

Follow links bellow for next steps: