Advanced HLL Security

Green Screens Native Client and Green Screens SandBox Proxy Service have WebSocket service which is accessible to the browser. With such access browser can issue A-HLL commands.

If a malicious web site or unauthorized third party program have a code to access A-HLL local WebSocket service, it can enter terminal, pickup screen data or start programs. To prevent that, we have enabled couple of security measures like origin filtering, protocol filtering and password access control.

It is strongly advised to use those security measures and modify them by your needs to prevent unauthorized use.

Green Screens Native Terminal Client

Locally installable native client supports password access setup inside configuration screen. Use this to prevent access from browser or to limit access only from applications which are allowed to use A-HLL.

GreenScreens SandBox Proxy Service

Green Screens SandBox Proxy Service is fully open sourced locally installable WebSocket service that can enable access from our Web Terminal. All A-HLL functions are available like starting applications directly from browser including STRRMTCMD terminal command.

As Green Screens SandBox Proxy Service is open sourced, you can use it and modify it to your needs.

Access control and password protection are included and can be found inside the source. In order to use password access all you have to do is to enable it in code itself.

Why proxy service?

Web based terminal is easy to embed into other web based applications as an IFRAME element. With A-HLL support it easy to integrate two web applications or to automate tasks between them. If STRRMTCMD is needed or integration with web ad native apps together, proxy service might be only solution.