Chrome Extension - Part 1

As Green Screens Web Terminal is as its name tells, a web terminal, we can easily extend it in various ways. One of them are browser extensions.

This time we will write about macro support with macro recorder and manager.

Why browser plugin in the first place?

Web applications can save user custom data locally just for some period of time. Data will be lost if for example user clears browser cache. With browser plugins, locally saved data is stored in different storage and data is kept until extension is removed. Even when browser cache is cleared, extension data remains intact.

Now imagine how problematic it would be if we create list of helpful macros and they disappear after installing new browser version or clearing browser cache. With extension's it is not only possible to keep data but also to add custom features like locally stored connection configurations etc.

We are highly aware that still many users see green screens terminal as "just a terminal", but we wanted to show you that our web terminal is not just a terminal. With great integration and customization features it is more than just a terminal.

It is standard web application embeddable and extendable to the limit of your imagination.

For the end of this short post, let us give you short video presentation...