Chrome Extension - Part 3

In this part, we will write about Offline Install. What's this about? Well, keep on reading... :)

Many companies have strict Internet access policy like complete Internet access blocking or access only to some web sites. Tuhs, Google Chrome Web Store site which is repository of Chrome Extensions might be unavailable. To overcome this problem, we have enabled local extension distribution service that complies with Google specification.

In latest version, our Green Screens Web Terminal Service support Chrome Extension install from local network without need for workstations Internet access.

Additional web application is developed and available at http://localhost:90890/chrome.

NOTE: Replace localhost:9080 to your service address or domain name.

Chrome service have 3 URL links for managing Chrome Extensions. Let's see what they are.

  1. Registry - used for workstations to install Chrome Extension update URL so that Chrome can install and update Extension from other locations than Google Web Store. In our case, local network. http://localhost:90890/chrome/registry

  2. Update - used by Chrome to update and install Chrome Extension http://localhost:90890/chrome/update

  3. Upgrade - to start Extension latest version upgrade from Google Web Store. http://localhost:90890/chrome/upgrade

NOTE: Option 3. requires Green Screens Terminal Service to have access to the Internet. If Internet is not available to Green Screens Terminal Service, there is an update through application update procedure which we will provide periodically.

How to use this feature?

Procedure is simple. Send URL link from 1. to all workstation operators. Do not send registry file, every workstation must download registry file and execute it by double clicking on downloaded file. MS Windows will ask for registry import operation. As soon as data is imported, Google Chrome will start Extension install and ask for Extension start permission. Once confirmed, Web Terminal is up and ready for use.

Depending on security, when latest version is available option 3. or application update with new chrome.war file can be used to upgrade extension. As soon as latest version is upgraded, Chrome browser will start to update on all workstations after first restart or within few mutes / hours.