Green Screens for IBM i - 2024.Q2 update

Green Screens for IBM i - 2024.Q2 update released recently is a large update across the whole product line, mostly focused on security and technology updates covering GSv4, GSv5 and GSV6 (SaaS) versions.

NOTE: GSv4 is a maintenance version, not available to new customers.

JVM Runtime

Java runtime is updated to the latest Eclipse Adoptium Temurin-17.0.11+9 for GSv5 and GSv6, while Eclipse Adoptium Temurin-11.0.23+9 for GSv4.

Server Runtime

Java web server is updated to the latest versions available for specific release.


Libraries used across GS server app are updated to the latest versions available.

License installer

New version with improvements is provided across all GS versions.

ACME Service

ACME service is an integration engine for external services such as Let's Encrypt used for server certificate self-registration and activation. Service is significantly improved. (GSv5 and GSv6)

Update engine

Completely new and more robust update engine.

IBM i installation

GS server can run anywhere where Java can run. IBM i is one of such environments. We significantly improved installation scripts. Server versions GSv5 and GSv6 are fully compatible to run on IBM i servers which supports Java 1.8 or newer.

NOTE: GSv6 requires Java 17, while GSv5 requires Java 1.8 or never for older IBM i OS releases.

Central licensing support

Until now, each IBM i partition used through GS server required installation of GS product definition and license code for each partition. We simplified licensing by allowing to use a single partition only. Currently, this is only preparation for next release.

GSv5 specific

Startup sequence is improved including performance improvements, threading improvements and web admin console improvements and bug fixes.