Green Screens Release 2022.Q2

The latest update is here. Again, with some exciting new features and usability improvements. The most important news are external printing integration driver, spool virtual drawer selection and REST API and desktop client for DTF (data transfer) through HTTP/s protocol.

DTF Rest API allows you not only to transfer files, but also to import/export data in CSV, TSV and Fixed format to your IBM i from browser or NodeJS.

We made about 50 different improvements and changes in the latest release. To find out what's new, please continue reading.

Latest Fixes and Improvements

  • Web Admin console now requires HTTPS by default, exception is localhost.
  • Added detection for first available device controller. Used by device auto-creation.
  • User configuration central management improvements.
  • Web Admin configuration improved verification during save.
  • Server installation issues detection - file access permission info.
  • Improved usability when installed in directories with names containing spaces.
  • Improved handling of terminal handshake error codes.
  • Improved Keep Alive signaling.
  • Improved White Label feature support.
  • Fix Java/JavaScript hashing compatibility issues in some situations.
  • Fix for ERR0013 Host not found error on legacy login form.
  • MS Services Management Console support improved in GSSVC module.
  • Low importance fixes in web2desktop integration module.
  • Web2Desktop improvements for MS Edge


Server Runtime - updated to runtime release 26.0. Brings better TLS1.3 support.

Spool drivers - improved SCS parsing with even better, more precise COR/AOP page sizing and rotation. Rendering improvements for PDF, SVG and HTML drivers.

Spool performance - by driver changes and internal improvements, there is no need to use / retrieve spool attributes for printing anymore, which results in increased spool processing speed. It is noticeable on large systems with thousands of users / workstations.

SSO Kerberos - documentation update with more precise information how to configure MS AD in large environments requiring SSO through Kerberos. Also, we added Kerberos setup analysis tool through API call from Web Admin console.  Tool will connect to MS AD Ldap server and analyze user data, domain names, and other required basic configurations to better detect SSO setup issues.

Web Admin Security - now, by default, web admin console is only available from localhost. Access from external source can be enabled through web admin console module settings.

White label - improved support. Some resources are changed from static value to configurable through White Label module.

New Features

External Printing Driver - some companies use external printings solutions for spool files integrated with other report generating tools. New driver allows linking externally generated reports to be pushed to the web browser terminal session. No need for local client installation.

Spool Drawer selection - added 2 virtual print drawers for user to select different page size. Important for PDF and correct AOP/COR. Also, drawer selection support added to browser extensions and server side general user config records.

Rest Transfer service for IFS - new module that allow to use REST API to transfer files over the HTTP/s protocol. Part of web based DTF.

Rest Data Transfer service - new module that allow to use REST API to import/export data from IBM i physical files. Part of web based DTF. Currently, supported formats: CSV, TSV, FIXED.

DTF Client - Data Transfer Client is a small console program that use REST IFS/DTF service API for transferring files and data through HTTP/s protocol.

New REST service API are protected with API Access Keys configured through Web Admin console. DTF client consuming REST API use protected storage to keep user credentials safe. Cached credentials for security reasons are linked to a specific workstation / user and cannot be used from other machines.