Green Screens Terminal Service v4.4.0

We shifted in high gear and moving fast forward implementing prerequisite features for next v5.0. To see what's new, check out the list of new changes below.

Modularization 2.0

Green Screen Server is based on separate modules which communicate internally through Java JMX. In version 2.0 we made some code refactoring and reorganization as a preparation for features releases which will allow us better organization and product modularization bringing new Green Screens Server plug-in feature.

Cluster engine 2.0

New cluster engine for synchronizing multiple Green Screens Server nodes is better, faster and more secure. New dynamic encryption and automatic resource compression are added. Cluster feature is now separate module as a Green Screens Server plug-in.

Storage engine 2.0

Internal storage is refactored into different folder structure to support change versioning, better node synchronization and to have a better support for future releases.

Change Versioning - new

This is new module using integrated Git based versioning system. Every time changes are made to the server configuration or screen UI modernization templates, files are now under versioning system. System is compatible with Git tools as Git client, Eclipse Git etc. which can be used to recover modifications and track where modifications came from.

Module is separate add-on as a Green Screens Server plug-in. Versioning will start working out-of-the-box without need for additional configuration.


Combination of new secured  cluster module, new storage folder structure and versioning system brings more reliable and faster data synchronization between Green Screens Nodes. This change is important for our future plans for version 5.