Green Screens Terminal Service v4.5.0

In previous releases we made internal structural changes as a preparation for better support for future plans we have for v5 series. This version brings modernization engine improvements and a few new features.

Modernization UI engine
We made improvements in our modernization UI library, fixing some bugs, and improving server-side caching engine. Also, we added modernization data in screen recording mode which will help us in terminal ui templating for customer terminal screens.

Green Screens Server tweaking features
Until now, Green Screens Server internal engine made calculations based on processor cores and available processor threads to distribute threads and thread pooling. In this release, we added thread priority settings and thread pool settings to the web admin console. This allows processor usage fine tuning for several Green Screens Server batch processing jobs from network optimizations for terminal sessions to spool2pdf processing job, modernization caching engine and a few more.  

Task scheduler
We added a generic task scheduler feature which allows to define a list of time scheduled tasks. Supported tasks will contain many options in the future such as auto-update task, scheduling background script execution etc.

For current release, supported features are:  

  • scheduled modernization scan - scan IBM i libraries for display files to be cached and synced with local cache.
  • scheduled sync in cluster - used to trigger for an example nightly cluster node synchronization
  • scheduled pause / resume web listener - trigger on/off network access to the web terminal, used to disable web access to the Green Screen Service  
  • scheduled restart - to schedule Green Screen Screens Server restart