Install Green Screens Terminal Service in Docker

We have created 64Bit Linux Docker image with all required software installed to simplify your installation in Linux environments. This is the easiest way to install and run Green Screens Terminal service on Linux environment.

If you are not familiar with Docker, find more about here or follow instructions on Docker site how to install it on various Linux flavors.

After installing Docker and downloading our image it is very easy to get started in less than 5 minutes.

As picture tells more than thousands of words, we have prepared short video showing you how simple is to get up and running with our Green Screens Terminal Service inside Docker container.

Here is short 5 command line workflow from video:
  1. Load image to Docker with docker load -i ./greenscreens-service-v1-docker.tar.gz
  2. Create container with docker create --name greenscreens greenscreens/service:v1
  3. Start container with docker start greenscreens
  4. Find attached IP address with docker inspect greenscreens
  5. Use attached IP to open GreenScreens Terminal Service in your browser. (for example:

If you want to automatically start image containers on boot read instructions.

Upgrading to new version

When migrating from old version, the best option is to use Green Screens Terminal Service cloud features. After importing new image and creating new container, open administration console in new running container and rename container cloud name to have the same name as in old container instance.

New instance should synchronize all configuration data automatically. Check if new container instance picked up configuration by refreshing host configuration grid in web admin console. After successful synchronization, you can stop and remove old instance.

Getting logs

To get logs from running container use docker cp command:

docker cp greenscreens:/opt/wildfly/standalone/log/server.log .

This command will copy log file from container disk to local disk.

Detailed logging in case of issues

Create new container create --name greenscreens_dbg greenscreens/service:latest debug

Connect to admin console and change cluster group name to existing one to pick up configuration data.

Use docker inspect greenscreens_dbg to find IP address

Use application, system will create detailed log in application.log file which can be retrieved from running container with following command...

docker cp greenscreen_dbg:/opt/wildfly/standalone/log/application.log .