New Mobile App Release - 3.9.0.

Today we released a new 3.9.0 version of our 5250 Mobile Terminal application. This update is a technology update related to networking security.

New Features

  • Client certificate full support - now client-side certificate authorization is fully supported including self-signed certificates
  • Certificate chain automatic reordering - some servers does not have valid signing certificate ordering setup. We added an internal interceptor engine to handle such cases reducing HTTPS network issues to the minimum.
  • HTTP/2 support added - this is a new web protocol still not supported by many servers, however the number of servers supporting it dramatically increase lately. This protocol improves network performance and reduce battery usage.
  • TLS 1.3 support added - The Latest network encryption standard for increased web security is now part of our application.
  • VPN support (network detection) - we added VPN to the list of network connection detectors. It's an upgrade support for Android 9 and incoming Android 10.
  • Security providers auto update - We added Google Auth provider with automatic update in the background.
  • Increased secured connection performance - we added BoringSSL and Conscrypt native libraries to increase performance for encrypted network and add wider range of supported encryption algorithms.
  • Certificate Verification - we added strong certificate verification as default with possibility to turn it off in a case when verification fails.