Native client

Even Green Screens Web Terminal is all what is needed without any requirements for local installation; it is still just a web application. Web applications runs inside browser sandbox for security reasons disabling direct interaction with users OS. Because of such security setup it is not possible to use STRRMTCMD or A-HLL API integration without Green Screens SandBox Proxy Service.

Green Screens SandBox Proxy Service requires local installation to overcome browser sand box environment. If you are very strict about security and have security concerns there is another option we have prepared - native client.

Green Screens Native Client is built to easily overcome web browser limitations. However, in most cases, native client is not needed for end users except when integration with other software is required through A-HLL.

If you need A-HLL integration or STRRMTCMD support download our free Green Screens Native Client and find out on our blog pages how to use modern implementation of EHLL API with latest available technologies like Node.JS.