New Android Terminal update

We just released a new update for our Android Terminal for IBM i, Version 4.1.1 Build 208. Update is rolling out and will be available soon through Google Play.

Changes bring technology updates, the latest library version refresh, internal UI updates and removal of some Android deprecated functions.

New features


New version brings UI translation for 35 languages. We used Google Translate API to auto-translate to multiple supported languages, so please be gentle to us if some translations are not correct.

All translated languages can be found at our GitHub repository and if you want to help and bring your language to our app or fix incorrect translations, use those resources as a reference.


We improved UI support for RTL languages as Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi. Translated text are not included in application right now as there are a lot of automated text translation issues. If you are interested to help us, please use data from GitHub repository.

Languages are within value-ar (Arabic), value-iw (Hebrew), value-fa (Farsi).

As soon we get those translations correct, they will be included in future release.

NOTE: To manually switch UI to language different from system default, go to the Settings -> Graphics & UI -> Language