New Release 3.7.1

What's new?

The Latest release is a technology update mostly with small bug fixes, library and stability updates.

The most notable new features :

  • Web SQL executor API and export to file (xlsx, json, xml, csv, fixed, tab)
  • FIDO2 update to support Windows Hello, PIN, fingerprint access
  • Tn5250.Application.newSession

Full list can be found here : CHANGES

Web SQL executor API

Currently, available only through Web API (no UI interface yet). Api is here to request SQL execution and result export to one of available formats.

For details search SQLController .

FIDO2 update

With the latest browsers updates Windows Hello biometric access control become available. We updated the web and server side to enable those features. Available in the latest WebKit based browsers and incoming MS Edge (chromium) which is currently in beta.

New Session WAPI

Some clients wanted to start a new terminal session from the existing one or throug STRRMTCMD. With new Tn5250.Application.newSession() this is now possible.

For details search newSession in Web API documentation.

Mobile app changes

We made some small fixes related to biometric registration. Also, we improved SSL support if connection is used over VPN.