VPN Remote Control

VPN Remote Control is our Android mobile app to remotely control our VPN Service product.

So, what's the catch?

VPN Service has twofold purpose. First to be used in conjunction with Green Screen Service running in cloud and your IBM i running inside your internal network to enable encrypted P2P (point-to-point) connection without need to expose IBM I to the Internet. Second purpose is to enable remote workers to free and securely connect to your IBM i in company internal network with the help of VPN Client.

Running VPN Service, means keeping open doors to enter into local network. Even it is very safe as connections are only available through our VPN Client,  it is never enough having more security options. Thus, we added an option to turn on/off VPN Service remotely to accept or deny new connections. This brings full control under your hands.

Currently, VPN Remote Control for Android is in BETA version and only password encrypted tunnel is supported for the moment. We are working on implementing TLS 1.3 based encrypted network tunnel with full Client based Certificate support.

Feel free to download our VPN Remote Control app and VPN Service from links below and try it out.

Mobile app on Google Play
Download Service
Download Client