Web Terminal 3rd party integration

NOTE: Before reading this, please read older blogs to get a insight how customization works and how to attach custom styling and scripts.

Green Screens Web Terminal contains a DIV layer named UI. It is available from code with:

  • jQuery('#UI')
  • Tn5250.Aplpication.switchUI();

This layer can be used to inject custom HTML code or IFRAME element with link to other application. Such approach enables direct integration with Web Terminal and underlying application with JavaScript code.

For example, custom script can forward screen information whenever new screen is received to UI application. UI application can use screen information for automatic forms or to generate appropriate UI.

Example inserting custom app – open administrative console and in customization screen -> UI tab add following:

<iframe class="full" src="http://localhost:9080/admin/">iframe not supported</iframe>

Then go to the browser console of active web terminal and call Tn5250.Applciation.switchUI() to toggle between terminal and admin console.

When embedding IFRAME from the same domain, it is possible to call code from parent window and vice versa. With this feature 5250 web terminal is not any more just a terminal program, it is much more than that.

Here we wanted to give you a short insight in one of the most interesting features of Green Screens Web Terminal. Please watch our customization series for more interesting blogs that will come in the near future presenting more new features.

Happy integration!!!