Web Terminal Customization

Green Screens Web Terminal is highly customizable. Customization feature enable developers to inject custom JavaScript code for terminal screens task automatization or css style sheets for terminal UI modification like different terminal colors for production, user acceptance and development machines etc.

Inside web administration console one can find Customization icon on top toolbar. That icon will open a window with two text boxes for custom scripts.

Header – part will inject text into header of web terminal page. Use header to add custom CSS links or Stylesheet tags like in any other web page.

Footer – part will inject text into footer of web terminal page. Use footer to add custom JavaScript libraries and custom scripts.

UI – part will inject into UI DIV. UI layer is available with Tn5250.Application.switchUI()

One of very interesting features are screen identifier hashes which opens possibilities for screen scrapping, screen integration with other web applications or screen automatization.

In Web Terminal Customization blog series we will show how powerful customization features are. Just keep an eye on featured posts.