WebComponents - Open Sourced

Green Screens WebComponents are core Web UI library based on Bootstrap CSS. It is our latest iteration 3.0 of technology we are developing last several years (4-5).

The W3C specification for WebComponents solved some long-lasting issues, which enabled us to finally become satisfied with our framework enough to feel confident to publish it as an open source library on GitHub.

Changes in the W3C happened some time ago, however, it took time to develop and test all components, and finally, they are here.

This library will be the basis for a new WebComponents for IBM i 5250 terminal screen modernization, we mentioned several times on our blog and other online media.

Also, as WebComponents Core are based on Bootstrap CSS, it took time to adjust already made work to new Bootstrap version. Along the path, a new Bootstrap 5.2.0. was released, which is quite different. Bootstrap 5.2.0. brings new classes, and variables inside CSS, allowing one to create custom themes just by creating a small CSS file with custom colors values etc. Such changes also required some internal changes and testing.

While developing a completely new library from the scratch, we also needed to create a set of demos / examples for every component. They are the easiest way to learn how to use Green Screens WebComponents.

Many other libraries depend on some 3rd party frameworks. We did not want to have such dependency. Our goal was to have a pure vanilla JavaScript based framework that can be used directly in the browser without any external tooling or server side compilation.

Green Screens WebComponents are written in ES2022 and requires modern browsers with the latest updates. Some packaging tools such as Babel, WebPack, Rollup and others currently does not support static class initializers which are used in our code. But, have no worry. This will change soon.

The current version is in BETA status. We are still testing and developing some segments. However, if you have Green Screens Server v5, you can notice that login screens (HTTPS) are different from previous versions. New login screens are based on the first internal release of a new WebComponents.

To see more details about our WebComponents library, please visit our website specially opened for WebComponents. Or, if you want to learn from our demos, please check them on GitHub repo.