Barcode Generator Service

We added new module to our Green Screens Terminal Proxy Service - Barcode  Generator Service. Barcode Service can generate almost 70 industry standard barcodes. It is free module based on OkapiBarcode, an  open source barcode rendering library with our own optimizations for cloud and web server usage to improve performance and reliability.

We implemented  various browser and web server caching techniques to optimize performance and stability for large number of requests.

Service is based on simple HTTP GET protocol with barcode parameters in URL request. As there are more than 100 parameters we also added simple web UI form for testing barcode rendering.

Barcode service support rendering in various formats: SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP.

An example URL shown below will render 2D-imensional PDF417 barcode


Where this comes in handy?

As Green Screens Terminal is Web based (HTML) usage is obvious - to generate barcode from screen data. Engine can extract  for example user id, product code etc... to modernized screens.

As we also support spool2html rendering,  Barcode Service can be used to render barcodes to report no matter is it HTML spool or PDF spool.

With the latest release we also added advanced image support to green screen web terminal by registering image service URL to specific screen or screen data. By fixed rendering, mouse click or moue over actions it is possible to extract screen data as a barcode data to interactively show rendered barcode.

To see how this works, please visit another blog post - Terminal Image Support - Part 2