New Server Release 3.6.0

We just released a new version with some new features and improvements. To find out what's new, continue reading...

Resource Explorer (Admin)

We added a new web based file explorer to view, edit and upload resources to our Green Screens Terminal Server.  Resource Explorer will automatically synchronize all changes with other nodes in cluster. Implementing this feature enables you full web control through Web Admin console without need for physical access to the server.

Resource Explorer

Host Configuration Cloning (Admin)

Web admin console now has an additional option to duplicate existing host configuration. This feature is very useful when one needs to create multiple configurations. For example: configuration with modernization enabled and one without. Or Configuration with more strict security rules as with OTP for access from Internet and another one without OTP for company internal use.

Host Clone

Cluster Customization (Admin)

Cluster feature improved by adding possibility to customize communication protocols, ports and IP addresses. Cluster configuration is moved to separate panel from system configuration.

Cluster Panel

Printer Setup and Reset (Admin)

We added new features to simplify Virtual printer configuration customization. it is web based version of  CHGDEVPRT command. We added Reset printer which will stop Virtual Printer Writer and VARY *ON/*OFF to reset stalled printer.

Printer Panel

Server Validation Improvement (Admin)

We improved IBM server access validation feature to show additional system values which will help in configuration issue detection.

Bypass Sign-On Simple (Admin)

On some servers bypass sign on with password hashes does not work due to various reasons. From missing PTF-s, to very strict system configs to Telnet Exit Programs which reads Telnet handshake parameters including passwords. Due to such situations we enabled simple sign-on which instead of using hashed passwords send data in standard terminal clear text mode.

NOTE: This feature is not secure, and should not be used without Telnet SSL or outside company network.

OTP Registration Panel

OTP panel now has UUID/Host selection as in Login Panel. Also, UUID/Host will be read-only or hidden just as in Login Panel if features are enabled through Administration Console.

To web terminal context menu we added an option to create and release print test spool file for testing configured virtual printer. Test page will print various system information's as terminal client version, Green Screens Serve version and base settings, hardware environment etc...

Printing Statuses (Web Terminal)

Now when Virtual Printer is started, better printing statuses and signals are shown in the bottom right corner. New signals are RDY, RCV and ERR along pages processed indicator.

Barcode Scanner Improvement  (Web Terminal)

We improved the web terminal keyboard handling engine to better support handheld barcode scanners. In previous versions we had issues with auto-enter fields and custom data sent from barcode scanners  along with scanned code.

Virtual Printer Improvement (Server)

Occasionally,  some spool files stopped printing remaining in *WTR status locking cached files and causing Cache Cleaner errors.  We fixed a bug in *SCS data stream processing and added better printer handling during exception which will prevent resource locking and printer to hang.

Improved Logging  (Server)

We added better server side informational logging to show access information's and statuses on console or server logs.

Tracing Facility (Server)

We added better data stream logging and tracing in a case of issues. Now it is possible to save terminal and printer data streams for analysis purposes. It will help us to give better support in a case when terminal or printing have issues.