GDPR, Cloud and IBM I

Everyone are talking about GDPR lately. It's a hot topic,but not only for general public personal data protection. GDPR is also interesting for companies moving their enterprise into cloud.

Pushing enterprise into cloud is not so easy mostly because of worries about data safety. GDPR brings legal foundations at international level for the first time. Data protection consensus between countries will ensure cloud (especially international ones) operators to comply with additional safety rules. Now, when we have a such an important law it will bring more peace of mind to potential clients as they have a legal international tool in a case of data misuse or leak.

The question is what will that bring to an IBM i platform?

Moving to a cloud requires not only technical safety measures, but also it will require users to use modern tools which enable safe access to online resources (IBM i) located in cloud. It is not enough to use 5250 and other desktop tools to
access IBM I. They are not safe enough. SSL is not safe enough. Entering user credentials with classical approaches are also not safe. Mentioned shift will require more, much more...

Green Screens Services are made with cloud in mind from the start with high security standards, 2FA verification, SSL, and many other modern techniques to dramatically increase security for online access. Our product is already running as BETA testing and pilot testing in cloud environments for several months now including support for Docker, parallel instances, cluster group sync, central configuration management and many more.

We are here and we are ready for clients to shift to the cloud.