Performance Tips

Green Screens Android App supports various mobile devices with different sizes, OS versions and processor ranges. All that Android devices versatility brings various performance levels.

To provide best performance on such a large scale we introduced some tweaking features.

Along with regular system and Android Chrome updates, two most important features as shown on picture below are:

  • Advanced Terminal Rendering
  • Hardware renderer

Open options pages inside application and go to General settings.


If you encounter performance issues, try to enable or disable features marked with red boxes to see which option combination works the best for your device.

Advanced Terminal Rendering

Advanced terminal renderer will enable asynchronous rendering which will reduce memory and improve speed when typing, moving cursor or switching between terminal screens. This process is internal to the system and asynchronous which can cause threading issues, connection freezing and getting black disconnected sessions. While for other devices this option might increase performance without losing stability.

NOTE: Devices with small ammount of RAM can benefit from this feature if available.

Hardware renderer

Some Android devices have advanced chips and can use their internal HW for increased UI processing. On some devices this might be enabled inside HW by default and not available for end user. So changing this option might not have an effect, while on some devices it might slow down application when this feature is enabled.

If you are using modernization feature, and screens seems sluggish be sure to check this option. Performance can increase dramatically.

Chrome browser update

We use WebView system component to render 5250 terminal and modernization screens. Be sure to update your device regularly. Especially Google Chrome browser. System WebView is also updated when upgrading Chrome browser.

Please note, if you notice different behavior after updating Google Chrome, try to switch mentioned tweaking features to "On" or "Off" to see if there is a difference. Chrome update alone might bring performance improvement and changes that might be affected by tweaking features.