Green Screens Extra Services - API Keys

Green Screens V5 Core is the most advanced 5250 web terminal on the market with unique security features and excellent performance. Now, equipped with extra services brings more value within the same price.

Green Screens v5 Core is actually the same outside compared to previous versions, but quite different inside. Green Screens v5 for 2021 and onward is completely refactored internally, allowing the product to be extended with additional extra services into the core system. That's what make this product different. A true multifeatured solution for IBM i.

In several blog posts we wrote about Green Screens v5 features here, here and here.

This time we will write about API Key and its security features.

Green Screens v5 Core (and previous versions) comes with an integrated IP filtering engine, allowing you to control access to the product in general without need for special firewall rules. With introduction of API Keys in previous version, we added a possibility to use some of the system API's in a controlled manner.

Introducing v5, API Key become more important as all extra services based on REST, Green Screens Quark and other HTTP request/response available technologies must be protected to make online access to your IBM i system safe. Base on that premise, we added IP filtering directly to the API key definition, allowing fine control for every extra service and its API. Who can call it, from where including static IP address control, IP range and wildcard support.

Besides IP filter feature in API Key definitions, we also added password-less login feature as an option. API Key can be tied to a specific user/password so whenever some extra service web APIs are used, access is controlled by IP address and optionally defined username without the need to submit credentials upon calls.

All newly provided extra services comes with Postman API definitions, allowing you to easily develop custom online integrations with your IBM i. Postman can help you to create various code examples through cURL, GO Lang, JavaScript, PHP code and many more (27 various code generators in the latest version).

Implemented extra services comes at no additional cost.