Green Screens Terminal Service V5

It was 5 years ago when this project launched. Today’s we are entering a new level with the latest release Version 5! We are happy to announce the release of new Version 5 BETA-1 after several months of development. Currently, it is available only for internal testing. However, in the next couple of weeks before this year ends we will release V5 Core to the public.

As product grows over the last 5 years, we decided to shift to a new build system and to refactor the core system. Compared to the previous monolith version, new V5 is a modular system which comes as a core with basic web 5250 terminal - almost identical to previous versions in functionality and with extra modules which adds new features as plug-n-play modules.

What is new in V5, find out below...

Code is now broken into reusable API-like libraries used across many extra modules.

We used advanced static code analysis tools to fine tune source code, improve security, and stability.

We did a technology refresh updates and we added the latest TPM 2.0 Biometric based sign-on support to the core system.

New internal module linking API based on Java JMX is created to be able to develop as plug-n-play mechanism for extra modules . Currently has basic features just enough for our internal requirements, but over the time we will expand it with more exciting features.

Listed new features (described further below) were gradually added to the previous V4 releases as a technology preview. In V5 they are integrated as stable releases.  

  • Module control
  • Shared terminal
  • Thread Control
  • Task Scheduler
  • Threading performance

Along standard installation, there is an additional Extra-Pack free-of-charge built for v5. It brings new features for improved productivity. All new modules can be safely added, removed, or restarted directly on the server independently from the core system without affecting the core or active user sessions. New modules and features are listed in the rest of this document. Extra-Pack is planned to be released by the end of January 2021.

  • WebPDF
  • WebSQL
  • WebIFS
  • WebOutQ
  • WebSpool

Module control

Green Screens Terminal Service is made of multiple pluggable modules. Now it is possible to control modules through the web admin console as stopping / starting / restarting individual modules. For example, admins now have a power to disable web terminal access without stopping web server, or to disable specific features etc. without messing with integrated IP filtering engine.

Shared terminal

Shared terminal is a feature ideal for help desk remote support, tutoring or remote presentations. If you provide for an example consultancy for using terminal based large ERP systems, this feature enables remote interactive tutoring. Due to the technology we developed, terminal screens data is small, on average 650 bytes / request making our web terminal one of the fastest with speeds like desktop apps. This allows us to have no limit on the number of connected clients to shared terminal sessions.

Thread Control

Advanced internal system thread control is added to the web admin console. Now, admins can fine tune various parts of the system and give more power to the specific modules.

Task Scheduler

Task scheduler enables to create scheduled system admin tasks to be executed in a specific period of a day. For example, scheduled access control to the system, ideal for cloud deployments. In the current release we have a few tasks defined, in the future, more options will be available.

Threading performance

In V5 release we made some improvements in many internal batch modules to be more friendly to other concurrently running tasks. Processor resources are now better shared among various internal processes making already fast system even more responsive to larger numbers of concurrent users.


PDF Generic Rendering service which can generate PDF documents from HTML files. For example, to create custom web scripts for terminal screens data extraction to generate documents as invoices etc. It is intended for advanced users and for advanced integration solutions.


Web SQL is a simple and easy to use SQL editor for advanced workstation operators. In this first release, focus was on memory efficiency and performance on both, server, and browser side. Our goal was not to create a developer’s tool, but easy to use SQL data preview engine with simple data export and charting. Web based data grid view supports asynchronous batch data load with support for a large number of records making system light for processing requirements on the server side while supporting many parallel concurrent user sessions.


Web IFS is a fast browser-based IFS explorer using advanced features implemented in newer releases of IBM i OS, which allows fast directory browsing and advanced search and filtering. Except browsing, web-based file imports and exports are available also. This module is currently in the internal ALPHA stage.  


WebOutQ is using the same advanced features implemented in newer releases of IBM i OS as WebIFS, allowing fast OUTQ browsing and advanced search and filtering. It is an integral part of the WebIFS module.


Web Spool is a new feature, part of WebOutQ allowing fast spool files browsing, advanced search and filtering, preview, export to PDF, HTML, TXT. Even our web 5250 terminal support spool printing as a virtual printer session from the beginning, some users prefer visual explorer style for spools. Now available with WebSpool. This module is also an integral part of WebIFS explorer.

SQL Service

An optimized SQL execution engine for IBM i  used by WebSQL and WebIFS modules.

Mobile App

Our Android application is updated with improved WebAuthn API support, better support for large tablets, improved UI, and technology updates.


With V5 Release Green Screens Terminal Services become even more complete web based and cloud optimized with high security standards solution for IBM i platform.

Many new modules have a potential to be extended with new features and possibilities which will be added over the time. Based on our customers and prospects feedback, we created an interesting list of new incoming features which solves daily productivity tasks.  

Some of the newly introduced features are crucial for our future development plans. To spice it up a bit, one of them is advanced enterprise grade data integration features based only on web technologies and with full cloud support. Even now, our product has unique features, we are very excited about this one. Year 2021. will be a very interesting year.    

One of the benefits and advantages of our product is a simple licensing model without limits on the number of instances no matter if they are used locally or in the cloud. All licenses are perpetual, one-time payment / user / server with competitive prices and high discounts on large orders.

Feel free to contact us for a test drive on your own system and see from the first hand.