New printing drivers available

With latest  release we added a new set of printing drivers supporting ZPL printer language for mobile Zebra printers and driver to generate spool-to-image in various formats.‌‌

NOTE: Only ZPL driver is available through our latest mobile application release.

Other drivers are available through our Web API only.

All new drivers support converting *SCS data stream to their output formats including support for *USERASCII data stream.

We use auto-sensing technology for *USERASCII spools to detect if printed document is PDF. Drivers will convert PDF document into one of provided driver formats.

ZPL driver

ZPL driver support text and raster print mode. When raster mode is used, *SCS spool will be converted into image and then to ZPL print data. When text mode is used, ZPL driver will use text fitting by automatically selecting proper font sizing. When *USERASCII(PDF) is detected, raster mode will be used as a default and output will be resized automatically to fit to the paper.

Image driver

Image driver supports multiple formats as: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF.‌‌

When spool is a multipage spool, downloaded data will be a set of zipped images (image/page). For a single page spool, downloaded data will be a single image in selected output format.

NOTE: TIFF is multi image format. Single TIFF file will be downloaded regardless of number of pages in spool file.

NOTE: Image driver is resource and memory demanding. It is not advisable to use hundreds of virtual printers with image drivers. In a case when many printers with image drivers are required, one can create multiple Green Screens Proxy Services on different servers and instruct users to use different target servers.

To use new drivers from our Web API follow examples:

// zpl format - text mode
Tn5250.Application.startPrinter('PRTDEMO', 8, {dpi:8, lpi:0, width:4, raster:false})

// zpl format - image mode
Tn5250.Application.startPrinter('PRTDEMO', 8, {dpi:8, lpi:0, width:4, raster:true, font:'0,20,20'})

// image format

// render to exact pixel size
Tn5250.Application.startPrinter('PRTDEMO', 10, {width:800, height: 1200, format:'png'})

// size based on spool page size
Tn5250.Application.startPrinter('PRTDEMO', 10, {format:'png'})

// size by dpi scaling factor
Tn5250.Application.startPrinter('PRTDEMO', 10, {format:'png', dpi:200})