New mobile 3.4.0 released

We released new mobile application update with new design, file transfer support and new modernization styling. To find out more continue reading...


This version now has 2 UI modes: full and slim with different layouts for landscape and portrait.  Slim is old design kept for small screen devices where it might be more suitable. Along Different layout modes, we added 7 color schemes for user preference which makes total of 28 styling combinations.

In landscape mode we made toolbar slimmer to make more space for configuration list.


New significant feature is support for file downloads and uploads. When terminal session is active, slide in from left side to open action menu and select Download or Upload to transfer data from / to IBM I through Green Screens Proxy Service.

Additionally, support for RMTCMD download was added. Now CL program can initiate Download popup. This is very useful when some IBM I program generate documents, DPF, Word, Excel, CSV, etc. to automatically signal to the user for file download.

Here is an example from CL program.

STTMTCMD CMD('download:ifs=/tmp/savf.savf&user=QSECOFR&password=1234')

And example from JavaScript


NOTE: Username and password in examples are optional.


New very lite W3C standard based CSS system is added to mobile application making modernized engine even faster and lighter than ever before.

Check teaser demo here...