Mobile application for Android

Recently we released our free mobile application for Android devices on Google Play supporting Android versions from KitKat (4.4) to Oreo (8.0).

This application is tailored specifically for Android devices to enable the best user experience for our web terminal services on mobile devices.

The most notable features are:

  • Terminal Session restore on network switch.
  • Offline Google AI for camera barcode recognition
  • Application extensions through plugins
  • Virtual printer engine to print spool files
  • Custom 5250 keyboards with support for more than 80 languages
  • File transfer for IBM i to IFS file system
  • WTMA - Web Terminal Mobile Authentication
  • Advanced access control

Terminal Session restore on network switch

Some customers have multiple WiFi devices to extend signal reach inside they facilities. Switching from network to network breaks terminal connection. Other case is for on the field agents where mobile device can switch from one mobile tower to another, from one mobile provider to another causing terminal connection to break. To solve that issue, we have implemented network restore feature which will keep you continue working without need to login again into your terminal session.

Application extensions through plugins

Plugin extensions enables adding extra features to interact with terminal screen like integration with NFC scanner, Barcode reader for automatic data entry and many more...

Virtual printer engine

Virtual printer enables you to start OUTQ printer that can print spool files to PDF directly to your mobile device.

Custom 5250 keyboards

Application contains Android native virtual keyboard tailored for 5250 terminals with special terminal keys and support for more than 80 languages. Including full support for LTR and RTL language input.

File transfer for IBM i to IFS file system

Currently, simple file transfer is supported to send files between IBM I and your mobile device. We have a plan to support more advanced version with data conversions to various formats.

Offline Google AI for camera barcode recognition

We are using Google AI for barcode recognition by live camera feed. This comes in handy when customer needs simple barcode scanner to decode data with automatic entry into terminal program. Also, we are using this feature for secure WTMA signon.

WTMA - Web Terminal Mobile Authentication

WTMA is used for secure web terminal access by protecting sensitive data from keyloggers. This feature is very handy when using someone else computer to access your system. Authentication data is never typed. more...

Advanced access control

Even Green Screens Terminal Service have implemented IP Filter engine to control remote access, for mobile devices it is not enough or sometimes it is not applicable. Reason is simple, mobile device often change network and also IP address, thus, we have to add additional layer of security with UUID access control to protect terminal access. more...