New Browser Extension v4.0

We just released new browser extension for Green Screens Web Terminal with new slick UI design.

Green Screens Browser extension is integration module which helps users to customize Green Screens Web Terminal, create local connection configurations and adds integration with back-end services for direct printing and A-HLL.

Extension can be found at Google Web Store.

The same extension can be installed in any browser based on WebKit supporting Extension API and packaging.  

MS Edge based on WebKit engine can install extensions from Google Web Store. Go  to new MS Edge options, under Extensions page enable options "Allow extensions from other sources" then open Google Web Store and click Add button.

Opera is supported through special Opera to Chrome Web Store support extension. Install it first, then open  Google Web Store and click Add to Opera button.

Firefox's extension is available through installation from GS server only as Mozilla publishing policy require complete project source and automated build based on tools their purpose. As we have our own build system developed in house, we decided to use internal packaging distribution for Firefox.