New Mobile App 3.8.0. Release

We just released new Green Screens Mobile version with refreshed UI and significant internal updates which will increase performance with better support for various devices.

What's new?

Design is updated with newer styling. Settings pages are now dark. Internal changes are made to support DayNight themes in future versions.

Tutorials menu item added to the main menu to open application tutorial videos on YouTube channel. During video creation, no human being was harmed :), AI is happily volunteered as a speaker. Video might have lower resolution in some cases which is up to YouTube app, so if it is too bad, try to open video tutorials in browser.

Demo configurations added as shown on image below. These are offline demos allowing you to explore the application in offline mode. Some features are not available in offline mode as virtual printer, macros and file transfers. Still, offline simulation is pretty much close to the live sessions.