New Server Release 3.6.2

What's new in the latest release? The most significant feature we added to the latest release is modern Bootstrap 4 based material design for modernization engine. Along BS4 support we have added some delicious treats which will improve usability and better errors handling in a case of any issues.

New modernization design

New engine is fast, modern and fully mobile and web ready. There is no need to create multiple designs for web, tablet or mobile device. Bootstrap 4 is the mobile first framework and now updated with material design styling gives a modern fresh look to green screens terminals.

Throw a look on images below to see the latest demo. If you want to try it live, click the link below.

Live Demo

Modernization 1
Modernization 2
Modernization 3

Default demos

We added new Material Design Bootstrap 4 demo to installation for demo purpose with predefined host configurations.

Improved rendering engine

We have added new actions to the modernization engine to improve linking screen fields with modernization templates. From now on, template will not break if original terminal screen is changed and some fields are missing on the terminal screen.

The Latest Responsive BS4 Material demo implements those new templating features.

Screen Field Copy / Paste as JSON

Screen data now can be copied into JSON structure With CTRL+J. This add-on feature is here to enable easy screen field copy to another screen or modernized template. Also, JSON object or JSON array paste to terminal will populate screen fields with data.

There are 3 formats supported:

  • String Array : ['FIELD_1_DATA','FIELD_2_DATA',...etc]
  • Fields object: { 1: 'FIELD_1_DATA', 2:'FIELD_2_DATA', ...etc}
  • jQuery serializeArray structure [{name:'f1', value:'test'}]
  • Screen copy object - generated on terminal screen with CTRL+J  
  ['test', 'test1']
  [{name:'test', value;'f1'}]
  {fields:{1: {val:''}}}

Improved terminal client logging

We added remote logging service to the Green Screens Proxy Service. From now on, every error that happens on web or mobile terminal or modernization screen rendering will be logged to the server for central inspection. Also, mobile client sessions in web admin console now shows application version and build.

Web-API update

We updated documentation of our Web API with the latest changes.

Extended UUID and HOST

UUID and Host definitions now support 64 characters.

Mobile app update

Our mobile application is also updated to support latest modernization engine features and resources.

Mobile client service commands and info

Now it is possible to send messages from web admin console  to selected or all active workstations.  Additionally, we implemented few service commands to instruct mobile app to send device system log or to manually initiate application update.