November update released -

We just released the latest version of Green Screens Server for IBM i. Latest update brings security module update, performance improvements, rare rendering issues solved and improved Web2Desktop integration for STRRMTCMD.

Buffering improvements

Terminal data stream pre-processing and buffering is improved adding better detection when received data is not complete - received in multiple network data segments bringing more robustness and stability.

Macro automation improvements

We improved signaling preventing occasional screen locking during automated macro execution. Issues happens in rare cases when switching between screens with different sizes (24x80 and 27x132)

Performance improvement

Average terminal screen preprocessing response time is reduced from average 50ms to average 40ms on reference hardware compared to average 25ms response times on native clients. This will bring fast workstation operators more natural feeling similar to the native terminal clients.

Rendering improvements

In rare cases there were small UI rendering glitches related to the complex windowed screens containing multiple overlapping windows creating artefacts or missing colors attributes. Issue did not affect operational usage. Now it is fixed.

Security update

Libraries responsible for TLS certificates, and other security features are updated to the recently released latest version. Also, we improved the library initialization process and added more code hardening for certificate generator engines.

Threading control

Beta feature incoming in Green Screens V5 to control internal threads is implemented in this release.  

Web2Desktop improvements

Web2Desktop is an integration feature allowing to execute STRRMTCMD directly from the browser. Previous version allowed only one of 2 available operational modes: standalone or through browser extension. Latest version now supports both modes simultaneously in a case one of modes is not available due to the system permissions, browser permissions or permissions set by sysadmin through MS Windows Policy Management.

Web Admin Interface

UI issues related to positioning context menus are now fixed. New features to control server threads are added to the interface. This feature is part of incoming Green Screens v5, currently in BETA.