SCS Spool to PDF support on Linux

Printing IBM SCS spool files are based on fixed-width font size most compatible to the MS Courier font. That is not an issue when Green Screens Server is running on MS Windows platform. But on Linux, MS fonts are not installed by default.

Due to the licensing rights, we can not distribute MS Courier font within our product. For that reason we distribute open source, license free fonts FreeMono and DejaVuSansMono which are the closest match, but not perfect. Issues with these fonts might be related to not supporting all Unicode characters and slightly different font metrics.        

However, there is an easy solution... Install MS Fonts on your Linux distribution for Linux install repository. Here are short instructions for Debian/Ubuntu distros.

MS fonts are available in the multiverse repositories so make sure to enable it first:

sudo add-apt-repository multiverse

And then install MS fonts itself with command below. Do not forget to confirm license box upon installation.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

After installation, restart Green Screen Server or if you are using V5, go to web admin console, select Web Modules from lest sidebar, fins on the list service.spooler and restart it.