Spool to Office document

In one of previous blogs we wrote about screen to Word or Excel transformation with support for subfile data extract. Today we will present the same feature, but this time from spool files released directly to Green Screens Web Terminal.

Why this is so great?

This is the easiest way to modernize spool files with templates support and into editable form.

For example, invoice spool can be easily converted into Word document invoice or report. Spool with company financial data can be easily exported into Excel and then for example use that data to generate graphs etc.

Here is a short presentation video showing how simple it is to convert spool file into Excel file. This time we won't go into the details about definition format. It is described in Screen to Office document post. Just enjoy in short video and give wings to your imagination what you can do with this feature.

Full definition example can be found on our GitHub repository here. Copy files to [user]/io.geenscreens/etl directory at Green Screens Terminal Server and as shown in video, release one of system spool files to virtual printer with ETL driver selected.