Start Web Terminal programmatically

There are various use cases for Green Screens web terminal integration. For example, some clients want's to open a web terminal from another web application.

The simplest approach is shown below. An Example will generate URL to GS server with encoded login parameters which loaded terminal will use to create secured connection.  

var opt = {uuid:0, host:'DEMO'};
var data = btoa(JSON.stringify(opt));
var url = 'http://localhost:8080/lite?d=0&k=0#' + data;
var winterm =, "webterminal", "height=600,width=800");

NOTE: Encoded "opt"  parameter is NEVER sent over the network. Data is a hashtag which browsers do not send. It is just a way of how to pass parameters into a loaded web terminal application. Once, processed, hashtag is removed from URL.

All supported parameters are shown below.

Parameter Description
uuid Virtual host group
host Virtual host name
displayName Session display name
printerName Printer/ Outq to attach
user User for bypass sign-on
password Password for bypass sign-on
program Program to start on sign-on
menu Menu to start on sign-on
lib Program/Menu library
codePage Valid EBCIDIC code page

NOTE: If using this approach for bypass sign-on data is not protected in generated URL.  Be sure that hashtag value in generated URL is not shared or sent over the network. GS Web Terminal and Chrome extension use URL encryption as a safe method for activating Web Terminal.